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Welcome to the new version of MalayOLGA!

MalayOLGA has successfully gone through a heavy upgrading process.

This was a total revamp from the previous system in order to provide more features and functions to the users while preserving old functions provided by the previous version of MalayOLGA.

A lot of new features have be introduced and more will come from time to time in order to increase visitors interactivity and also enhance visitor's browsing experience.

Please take note that the user authentication system for this site is different from the existing MalayOLGA forum. Existing forum member still need to re-register in order to gain membership privileges.

Newest Songs In Database

NumSong TitleArtistDate In
1 Memang Khilafku Baron Bros 22 Dec 2016
2 Rintihan Jiwa Sup 22 Dec 2016
3 Redha (versi Am) Irfan Haris 20 Dec 2016
4 Redha (versi G#m - Original Key) Irfan Haris 20 Dec 2016
5 Sedalam-Dalam Rindu Tajul 20 Dec 2016
6 Permata Cinta Aiman Tino 20 Dec 2016
7 Sayangku Data 20 Dec 2016
8 Selamanya Cinta Shila Amzah 11 Dec 2016
9 Demi Cinta Ezad Lazim 11 Dec 2016
10 Katakan Harris Baba 11 Dec 2016
11 Bayang Khai Bahar 10 Dec 2016
12 Lelaki Teragung Dayang Nurfaizah 10 Dec 2016
13 Kemelut Di Muara Kasih Ziana Zain 4 Dec 2016
14 Cinta Embunan Pagi Azian Mazwan Sapuwan 4 Dec 2016
15 Sedetik Lebih Anuar Zain 4 Dec 2016
16 Pulangkan Misha Omar 3 Dec 2016
17 Keasingan Dalam Duka Jay Jay 3 Dec 2016
18 Bunga Bunga Cinta Misha Omar 3 Dec 2016
19 Siapa Sangka Siapa Menduga Liza Hanim 3 Dec 2016
20 Saputangan Wings 22 Nov 2016
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