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This guitar tabs & chords is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. Please support Malaysia music & entertainment industries and buy original CD and movies.

*guitar Lessons* - how to read guitar tabs?

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1) Look at the tab in the same way you look at your guitar fret. There are six lines in a tab
, each line corresponding to a string on the guitar.
Each string is listed at the tab generally (unused strings could be cut out sometimes).
The top string here ('e') is the thinnest string on the guitar with the highest note and the 
bottom string here ('E') is the thickest string on the guitar with the lowest note.

Both strings happen to be 'E' in regular tuning. So all the other strings fall into place and it 
looks somewhat like a guitar neck.

e------------------------------|| (Thinnest string of the guitar)
E------------------------------|| (Thickest string of the guitar)

2) Now, the numbers. Numbers on these lines represent the finger positions on the fretboard 
of your guitar.If you read the example tab below you would play this by putting your finger just 
behind the 2nd fret on the 5th string (the second 
thickest string). As musical notes this tab would 
read as follows B B B C# B A. The ‘zero’ represents playing an open string. So in this 
case you would play the A open without any finger position on the fretboard of your guitar.


Let's give some more examples:

 Ex 1    Ex 2
e-----   --0--
B-----   --0--
G-----   --1--
D-----   --2--
A--3--   --2--
E-----   --0--

In the example 1 above, you would hold the string 
A (second string from the top) at the 3rd fret. This example shows "middle C"
In the example 2 above, you would hold the string
G at the 1st fret, A and D strings at the 2nd fret, and leave the other strings open. This
shows an Emajor chord.

3) The space between each note should represent the time required to hold the note for or the 
(But unfortunately some tab writers don't 
consider this option when writing tabs). If you
want to use the guitar tabs easily, we suggest
you to listen the song for guidance on timing 
then read the notes at tabs. See the below 
example, this tab shows the timing of ‘Day Tripper’ by the Beatles, see the distances 
between the numbers, the first note '0' (open 
string note) should be played little longer then 
the next four notes. And also the distance 
between D2 and D0 should also indicate a break in 


Tablature Symbols

The numbers representing notes at a tab don't describe the subtle techniques much that a guitarist
can play, so some symbols can be 
needed. See the tablature symbols below that represent various techniques.

    * h - hammer on
    * p - pull off
    * b - bend string up
    * r - release bend
    * / - slide up
    * \ - slide down
    * v - vibrato (sometimes written as ~)
    * t - right hand tap
    * s - legato slide
    * S - shift slide
    * - natural harmonic
    * [n] - artificial harmonic
    * n(n) - tapped harmonic
    * tr - trill
    * T - tap


    * TP - trem. picking
    * PM - palm muting
    * / - tremolo bar dip; n = amount to dip
    * - tremolo bar down
    * n/ - tremolo bar up
    * /n\ - tremolo bar inverted dip
    * = - hold bend; also acts as connecting device for hammers/pulls
    * <> - volume swell (louder/softer)
    * x - on rhythm slash represents muted slash
    * o - on rhythm slash represents single note slash

1) Lihat di tab dengan cara yang sama anda melihat fret gitar anda. Ada enam baris di tab
, Setiap baris berkorespondensi dengan string pada gitar.
Setiap string yang berdaftar di tab umumnya (tidak terpakai string bisa dipotong keluar kadang-kadang).
String di sini bahagian atas ( 'e') adalah string tertipis di gitar dengan nota tertinggi dan
bawah string di sini ( 'E') adalah string yang paling tebal pada gitar dengan catatan terendah.

Kedua rentetan kebetulan 'E' dalam tuning biasa. Jadi semua senar lain jatuh ke dalam tempat dan
tampak seperti leher gitar.

e ------------------------------ | | (thinnest string daripada gitar)
B ------------------------------ | |
G ------------------------------ | |
D ------------------------------ | |
Sebuah ------------------------------ | |
E ------------------------------ | | (tebal rentetan daripada gitar)

2) Sekarang, nombor-nombor. Angka pada garis-garis ini mewakili posisi jari pada fretboard
guitar.If anda anda membaca tab contoh di bawah ini anda akan bermain ini dengan meletakkan jari anda hanya
di belakang fret ke-2 pada tarikh 5 string (kedua
tebal string). Sebagai nota muzik tab ini akan
berbunyi sebagai berikut BBBC # B A. 'sifar' mewakili bermain string terbuka. Jadi dalam hal ini
jika anda akan bermain A terbuka tanpa kedudukan jari pada fretboard gitar anda.

e -------------------------------
B -------------------------------
G -------------------------------
D -------------------------------
A - 2 - 2-2 - 4 - 2-0 -------------
E -------------------------------

Mari kita beri beberapa contoh:

 Ex 1 Ex 2
e ----- - 0 --
B ----- - 0 --
G ----- - 1 --
D ----- - 2 --
A - 3 - - 2 --
E ----- - 0 --

Pada contoh 1 di atas, anda akan memegang tali
A (senar kedua dari atas) di fret ke-3. Contoh ini menunjukkan "C tengah"
Dalam contoh 2 di atas, anda akan memegang tali
G di fret 1, senar A dan D di fret ke-2, dan membiarkan senar lain terbuka. Ini
menunjukkan Emajor akord.

3) Jarak antara setiap nota harus mewakili waktu yang diperlukan untuk memegang atau nota untuk
(Tapi sayangnya beberapa tab penulis tidak
mempertimbangkan pilihan ini saat menulis tab). Jika anda
ingin menggunakan tab gitar dengan mudah, kami cadangkan
Anda untuk mendengar lagu untuk bimbingan pada waktu
kemudian membaca catatan tentang tab. 

*google translate-bahase  siot fhm2 je la drpd x fhm...
*thanks LALA



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