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Senarai Lagu

Below are the list of guitar tabs for artist XPDC in our music database databases sorted by the song title. There are a total of 30 guitar chords currently registered in this site. Click on the song title to view the guitar tabs.

Index Title Artis
1 Aku Dan Sesuatu XPDC
2 Aku Masih Di sini XPDC
3 Apa Nak Di Kata XPDC
6 C.T. Cinta Kenangan Silam XPDC
7 Curahan Rasa (Original Chord) XPDC
8 Hentian Ini XPDC
9 Hidup Bersama XPDC
10 Hidup Bersama XPDC
11 Hijau Bumi Tuhan (C Major) XPDC
12 Hijau Bumi Tuhan Chords XPDC
13 Hijau Bumi Tuhan [intro tab] XPDC
14 Hijau Bumi Tuhan [tab better ver] XPDC
15 Impian Seroja XPDC
16 Impian Seroja (Em) XPDC
17 Lagu Tiga Kupang XPDC
18 Langsung Tak Faham XPDC
19 Monggol Dah Pulang XPDC
20 Nafisa XPDC

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